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Shark ION Rocket Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum, IR70

The Shark® ION Rocket® provides floor-to-ceiling versatility with cord-free convenience. It's powered by a removable, rechargeable ION Power Pack lithium-ion battery with flexible charging options to charge when and where you need to.

$239.00 Best Price: Walmart $146.99

Rating: (4.0 out of 5.0) 134 reviews

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Brand: Shark
Model Number: IR70
UPC: 622356549868
MSRP $239.00
Stock: Not available
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Vacuum By Cave
The Shark ION Rocket features the cleaning performance of a rocket with added cordless convenience. The removable and rechargeable ION power pack lithium-ION battery allows you to charge it when and where you need to and with a variety of charging options. The smart response technology adapts to the settings you choose for enhanced performance on carpets and bare floors. The cord free handheld vacuum Shark ION Rocket provides true floor to ceiling versatility. After the battery is fully charged and put into the vacuum. You can vacuum the floor, carpets. It is easier to use than the more expensive vacuums that are out there. Cleaned carpets and floors and got rid of the spider webs off the ceiling. I like that there is no cords needed. The only cord is to charge the battery. You do not have to worry about the cord getting in the way or not being long enough. The dirt cup is easy to empty in the garbage can. Includes: Battery, charger, 8" crevice tool and pet multi tool.

A very good cordless vacuum By salegueen
I received this Shark Ion Rocket Cordless Vacuum through the spark reviewer program. It is Model I R 70 in a forest mist color. It can be used on carpet or bare floors. It included a handheld vacuum, a motorized floor nozzle, a pet multi tool and a 8' crevice tool. You get 1 power pack and charger. You Can order an extra battery and charging deck so you can always be ready for use. I like it in the fact that I don't have to keep moving a cord. And it is nice that you can use it as a hand held vacuum for Long reach cleaning or short cleaning as furniture. And the extra tools can be used on all the ways of use. I must admit for me it is on the heavy side. I have arthritis so I only use it for short length of tie. And I have a hard time using the wand release button. I'M THINKING THE LONGER I USE IT THE EASIER IT WILL BECOME. it IS TOP HEAVY SO IT WONT STAND UP BY IT SELF. you CAN GET A BRACKET THAT YOU CAN PUT ON THE WALL TO HOLD IT OR TAKE THE HAND VAC AND PUT IT ON THE STORAGE HOOK ON THE WAND. I LIKE THE POWER IT HAS AND BEING SO CONVENIENT TO USE

Does an ok job By Sheilaplus3
I'm probably going to state the obvious by saying this but if anybody has any thoughts of getting a vacuum like this to replace a regular household vacuum I wouldn't recommend it. But for quick little vacuums it does an ok job. I tried it on my laminate floor first. It did a decent job in there. We live in an area where we end up with lots of little pieces of leaves around our house. It did pretty good at getting most of that stuff but I did notice I had to go kind of slow over some things. There are 2 floor settings...floor and carpet. Also 2 power settings...a lower setting that uses less battery and then max power which obviously uses more. I tried the regular setting first. On the laminate and then on to the carpet. Of course being battery operated it didn't have a ton of power but it did ok on both floors. Again it didn't pick up as much as my regular vacuum but we have 6 people in our house and a dog so there's a lot of traffic. For a smaller household it might do a better job. The next day I used it at max power but I detached the handheld part and used that in my stairs. It actually worked really well there...probably what I'll use it for most. Max power was significantly more but between these 2 days I used it maybe 30 minutes and it exhausted the whole battery. Overall I would recommend it because it does a decent job as long as you understand it's intentions and don't have expectations of a full size vacuum.

Decent Dyson alternative. By MrFitz
This is a rather obvious design that directly competes with the Dyson Animal, but at a significantly lower price. Overall, it's a decent vacuum, if not a bit "cludgy". This is the "entry" model of the Shark ION Rocket line. By that I mean, it does not have the folding tube that allows vacuuming beneath furniture, and it does not have the second battery and external charging station. That said, it's still a decent vacuum cleaner. PROs: It's cordless - a must for my preference. It has decent battery life. It has a two-speed motor (extra battery life vs. heavy-duty suction). Two-speed electric brush head (for low/high pile carpeting). Removable battery (if you want to purchase a second one for backup). Interchangeable tube and attachments (long reach, or furniture/stair cleaning). The brush head can be "locked" in place to permit storage. While "locked", the motor can be stored "hooked" to the side of the tube. (NICE!) If you want, you can also purchase a wall mount/charger for the unit. Tube is quite long (easier to reach cobwebs at ceiling level). Battery life lights are very useful. Motorized head is quite "agile" - can be turned easily to vacuum in awkward spaces. Head is also slightly wider than the Dyson - a trade-off that requires less time to vacuum large areas while somewhat limiting it's ability to fit into very small spaces. CONs: Areas where the tube attaches are "over-designed", quite cludgy, and add unnecessary weight. The brush head tends to "run away" from you even on short cut pile carpeting. Vacuuming small, lightweight rugs takes skill - they tend to fly around a bit. The brush has a "clogged" feature - tells you when it needs cleaning. Unfortunately, it's far too sensative and causes the head to stop when vacuuming a medium length cut pile carpet. (To reset, you must power off the vacuum - kind of annoying.) Emptying the dirt cannister requires detaching the tube. The moroized brush doesn't "pop out" for cleaning (but that's not super important). Overall, it is (as the title implies) a decent alternative to the much more expensive Dyson and I would recommend it to others. My only concern would be the "clogged" feature of the brush head if you have a lot of medium length cut pile carpeting.

A lot of Power in this light Shark Vacuum By ShakespeareGal
I was really surprised how powerful this Shark ION Rocket Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum, IR70 model is. If you don't like being restricted by a cord and having to unplug and plug when you move around vacuuming this is great. All you need to do is charge the battery, insert it and you are good to go. It's a great feature. I also like the compactness of it as it take little room while storing it away. It's very light, ultra light, which makes it easy to maneuver and get around. It's my first Shark product and it is top notch. Highly recommend if these are features you would welcome.

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