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Shark ION™ X30 Cord-Free Ultra-Light Vacuum (IR100)

The Shark ION Rocket provides floor-to-ceiling versatility with cord-free convenience. It's powered by a removable, rechargeable ION Power Pack lithium-ion battery with flexible charging options to charge when and where you need to.

$239.00 Best Price: Walmart $199.00

Rating: (4.5 out of 5.0) 96 reviews

Product Description


Brand: Shark
Model Number: IR100
UPC: 622356551083
MSRP $239.00
Stock: Available
Overall Rating:

Excellent smaller size vacuum! By zoo24
This is an excellent vacuum. It is true to Shark standards and does an excellent job cleaning up. The biggest advantage to this vacuum is that there is a rechargeable battery and you do not have to fight with a cord. It fully charged in approximately 1/2 hour. I have a 6000 sq. ft home and I did the whole house on one charge and could have kept going. It never lost suction as the battery went down. I have used a Shark Rocket but did not like how it worked on my hardwood floors. This IONFlex did an amazing job on my hardwood, carpet and tile. It got all the lint, dog hair, dust and everything else. The only downside is that the little canister fills quickly because it does a great job getting the icky out of your carpet, but when you open the canister to empty it you have to reach in and pull the hairball out or whatever wrapped itself around the center, so that is gross. Otherwise it is a super little vacuum and very lightweight. It has little headlights, not sure why you need lights on a vacuum, but they are there. It has 4 different settings depending on the type of floor and how dirty it is. It also came a few tools to get under tight spaces and a brush that I think will work on my blinds.

best cordless vac by far By wonderfully40
I have fell head over heals in love with this vacuum. Shark has done it once again. The Shark ION Rocket cordless ultra light vacuum iR100 is the best cordless vacuum I have every had the pleasure to use. Soft touch power button on off smooth. I have had a few cordless vacuums and this one is the very best by far the suction is outstanding. Charging it is simple and it holds a charge for a longtime. The best part about this vacuum is it is also a handheld one click and you have a handheld, which from my experience with pull away vac it loses suction when used in handheld position, not this one suction is as strong as floor piece. It was super easy to assemble four click and it was done. It took about 3 hours to fully charge not 12 hours. I am so in love with my Shark Ion Rocket. Oh I almost forget it does hard floors as well as carpeted floors and rugs, just touch the button to go from floor to carpet. This is a great vacuum that is light weight and powerful, no lugging and lifting with this vacuum.

Shark ION Rocket IR100 By Dagui
The Shark ION Rocket IR100 vacuum cleaner is a great product to have. The Shark ION Rocket IR100 vacuum cleaner is cordless and that's a real convenience. It has a removable and rechargeable ION power pack lithium-ion battery. You can either charge the battery while it's in the vacuum or you can remove it and charge it alone. The Shark ION Rocket IR100 vacuum cleaner gives you the convenience of switching from bare floor to carpet with a touch of a button, while you're vacuuming. I think that is a really cool feature. It makes it so convenient to vacuum without stopping to switch from bare floor to carpet. I love that it converts to a cord free handheld vacuum. It allows you to use it on anything from curtains to cloth furniture. The Shark ION Rocket IR100 vacuum cleaner even allows you to extend its running time. It comes with two additional attachments, a brush and a slim tube for thin corners. It is also extremely easily to store, without taking up space. I would definitely recommend the Shark ION Rocket IR100 vacuum cleaner.

Awesome By OceanDreams1979
First of all I have owned many cordless vacuum cleaners in the past. I simply hate dealing with a cord on a vacuum. This vacuum cleaner is hands down the best one I have ever owned. Right from taking it out of the box I could tell it was a quality machine. It was very easy to put together and assembly took about 15 seconds. Just snap the stem pieces together and drop the battery in. It is very light weight but very sturdy feeling, like it will last a long time. I like that it comes with a crevice tool and pet hair brush. The top of it seems a little heavier than the bottom so I wondered how it would stay upright for storage and I found that you just pop the top part off and hook it on to the bottom on the machine for storage ( as shown in one of my photos) It has settings for floor and rug and it also has a regular and stronger suction setting. I love that the front of it has lights on it to see where you are vacuuming which is handy for under couches and darker places. It is of average " loudness " for a vacuum. Nothing crazy. Would highly recommend.

I am in love with this Shark By Twilbanks
Its true I really do love the the Shark ION cordless up right Vacuum IR100 . The Shark is awesome. When I recieved the Shark ION cordless up right Vacuum IR100  it was packaged well.  The instructions are very easy to follow, the Shark was easy to assemble.  I charged the battery  and was ready to vacuum.  This vacuum really has great power and easy to maneuver.  The vacuum lets me go under furniture really easily.  The Shark ION cordless up right Vacuum IR100  goes from rugs to floors with ease, the buttons are right by your hand and easy to use.The Shark was easy to turn into the hand held  vacuum  for doing stairs and furnitue. The attachments work really really good. Emptying  the Shark is easy to do.  The fact that the Shark ION cordless up right Vacuum IR100   is cordless  just makes me love it more.  This Vacuum is the best one I have  truly ever used.  I am in love.

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