SiriusXM - Stratus 7 Satellite Radio with PowerConnect Vehicle Kit - Black

Receives SIRIUS Satellite Radio; One-Touch Jump with traffic and weather reports; push button navigation; 10 channel presets

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Product Description

SiriusXM Stratus 7 SSV7V1 Satellite Radio Receiver: Bring the great music and programs of satellite radio into your car with this SiriusXM satellite radio receiver. The push-button display makes it simple to view what's playing, change channels, and manipulate settings and functions. Satellite and Internet Radio subscriptions are sold separately by SiriusXM Radio Inc. See the SiriusXM Customer Agreement at for details.


Brand: SiriusXM
Model Number: SSV7V1
UPC: 884720013119
Stock: Available
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La la la la By Mawmawfox
I LOVE mine. I have a convertible PT cruiser and I get awesome reception in the boon docks of Louisiana. I also have a 300C that has a factory one and this is just as nice as my fancy one. My son installed it in about 15 minutes. He has it mounted just under the other and no cords show. The antenna is out the back and has a magnet to hold it to the car. I use it with Aux and it is like it was meant to be there. It shows the song singer and year above the channel. Rarely I will hit a wooded area it won't pick up on, but these are the same places my 300 has problems. I am getting my mother one for her pt and my son one for his Dakota. They are better than these reviews say, I have no idea what they got but I clearly hit the jackpot with mine.

Simple to operate. By Fred66854
This works much better than my old Sirius radio. Don't waste money buying expensive Sirius/XM radios with a lot of features. You will never use them. Just turn this one on and it works providing you have a Sirius account and you "swap" the radio on their website (to activate the new one).

Great Choice By Huey
The radio is small, which I like, as it fits perfectly in a designated location. I had it installed by a professional radio shop as my set up was a bit difficult due to the console having to be removed plus other contingencies. It is easy to program, easy to use, and sounds great. Get one.

Sirius Stratus 7 Dock and Play Radio Car Kit By rootietootie
This radio is excellent. I have had sirius radio for the last 10 years. My new car did not have it included so I decided to try adding this. It was extremely easy to hook up. And the reception is amazing. The antenna is so powerful that I did not even have to place it on roof of my suv. I simply laid it on the dash and I have received excellent reception. Very impressed with the quality of product.

Basic unit for Sirius (not XM) Programming
I purchased this unit to replace an old Sportster R that stopped working. I am using this primarily in the house. Unfortunately Walmart did not offer a home base unit so I had to buy it from another on-line source. The Stratus 7 is a basic unit without the bells and whistles of my old Sportster R and it does not appear to be built as sturdy as my old unit. I just hope it lasts as long as the Sportster. For me, it was important to stay with the Sirius programming and not XM. This unit fits the bill so far.

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