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Beautyrest Luxury 233TC Memory Fiber Cotton Pillow in Multiple Sizes

Enjoy a memorable night's sleep on the Beautyrest Luxury Memory Fiber Pillow. Generously filled with Foamessence memory fiber to provide the feel of memory foam without the warmth. This adjustable, shapable fiber is perfect for every sleep position, so you sleep great night after night.

$19.96 Best Price: Walmart $14.96

Rating: (4.0 out of 5.0) 51 reviews

Product Description

Beautyrest Luxury 233TC Memory Fiber Cotton Pillow in Multiple Sizes:233 thread count 100% premium cotton cover for softness and durabilityMemory Fiber is the answer to memory foam with improved flexibilty, comfort and coolnessThis pillow is overfilled with DACRON MEMORELLE polyester fiber and has plenty of comfort and supportThis pillow has fluid movement so pressure is evenly distributed and allows your head and neck to rest comfortablyThis pillow can easily be fluffed and adjusted for your personal preference, whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeperSuited to machine wash and tumble dry on on low heatStandard size measures: 20 inches x 26 inches with 29 ounces of fillStandard/Queen size measures: 20 inches x 28 inches with 31 ounces of fillQueen size measures: 20 inches x 30 inches with 33 ounces of fillKing size measures: 20 inches x 36 inches with 40 ounces of fillThe Beautyrest Memory Fiber pillow has a 5 year warranty


Brand: Beautyrest
Model Number: 92254-DCOM
UPC: 025695922543
MSRP $19.96
Stock: Available
Shipping: $5.99
Overall Rating:

The BEST pillows By michaelballfan
I LOVE these pillows! They stay firm and don't bunch up. I bought two last year and wanted to more for when I have overnight guests.

Best sleeping pillow - still after one week of use By Zzzz
I looked for a pillow that is siimilar to the pillow that is advertised on TV. That pillow and this one contains pieces of foam which promotes support but, unlike solid foam pillows, it is not stiff. Therefore it supports and conforms to your head and neck but remains soft.

wonderful By holly
At first I was apprehensive about buying these pillows because they looked too puffy. I thought that it would give me a crick in my neck. I can say that these are a lot better than I expected. It's like sleeping on a cloud. They are easy to adjust- I like my pillow to curve slightly towards my back when I side sleep. And they spring right back into shape the next morning when I make my bed. So far my pillow hasn't gone flat like my previous ones. My previous luxery pillows made by a different company (don't know which one as they had no labels) were a disaster and would always go flat in the middle. I am going to buy this same type of Beautyrest pillows for my guest bedroom bed. I would definitely recommend these to family and friends.

Wonderful Support By BAinBellevue
Very comfortable and relaxing pillow.

Comfort By Confirmed2013
These pillows actually stay fluffy even while you sleep. They are very comfortable and a mix between soft and firm for next support and softness.

Helps with a good night's sleep By DebH
I had purchased these pillows as a gift for my daughter-in-law. When my daughter flew in from out of state and stayed the night, she asked about them, said she had the best sleep in years. She got some for Christmas. Great pillow. Forms to needs. Not too hard; not too soft.

Excellent Pillow By RalphW
This is an excellent pillow that is just a bit too fluffy for my taste. I'm hoping it will firm up a bit the more I use it and become a bit firmer. We'll see, but it's clearly a well-made pillow and if very fluffy is what you want it would be perfect for you.

Just not great By Quentin
The king sized is good but not as good as the queen sized that I had for 2 years. With the queen sized pillow, the fill in the pillow did not go flat so quickly. After about 2 weeks, the king sized pillow has obvious dips and soft spots in the pillow. However the pillow is still comfortable and cool to the touch all thru the night

Nice, but not for the money.... By AnonymousOHIO1990
These are nice pillows. They aren't supportive at all. They are comfortable if used with other firm pillows. If they would fill these pillows more they'd be perfect. Instead they feel half full. Not worth the price.

Great pillows , but get 2 for half the price ! By rob13
The pillows themselves are really five-star . Have a nice height, but yet are very soft and cool . Highly recommended, but not at this price . Here's how to save one half the price . Walmart sells the identical pillow as a single for $14 , if you buy two that is $28 , not the $52 for this double pack . Some kind of strange Walmart pricing goof. See picture from my package .

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