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Beautyrest Silver Aquacool Memory Foam Pillow With Removable Cover, Standard/Queen

Beautyrest Silver AQUACOOL Memory Foam Pillow with Removable Cover

$64.99 Best Price: Walmart $49.96  

Rating: (4.0 out of 5.0) 56 reviews

Product Description

Beautyrest Silver AQUACOOL Memory Foam Pillow with Removable Cover:
  • This Beautyrest memory foam pillow has three layers of cooling to keep you comfortable during the night while you sleep
  • AQUACOOL surface cooling technology, which feels cool to the touch and quickly moves heat away from the body
  • Beautyrest AQUACOOL Memory Foam pillow has a ventilated airflow to keep you cooler
  • Removable Cooling Jersey Knit zipper cover is the third layer of cooling for this pillow
  • The Cooling Jersey knit removable cover is made from 75% nylon 15% polyethylene 10% polyester
  • Beautyrest Silver AQUACOOL memory foam pillow has a 2.5 lb density
  • Removable Cover is machine washable to ensure freshness and easy to care for
  • Foam is spot clean only with damp cloth
  • The Beautyrest AQUACOOL Memory Foam pillow is covered with a 5 year warranty to ensure satisfaction
  • Standard/Queen size measures: 16 inches x 25 inches x 3 inches
  • Recommended to allow your pillow to air out 24-48 hours prior to first use


Brand: Beautyrest
Model Number: 98137-3020
UPC: 025695983889
MSRP $64.99
Stock: Available
Overall Rating:

Cold as ice By ER
I was sold on this pillow the minute I unzipped the cover and put my hand on the blue side of the memory foam. It literally feels as if it's sucking the excess heat from your skin in the best possible way. at 50 bucks it's a little more pricey than what I'd usually spend on a bed pillow, but well worth it in my opinion. I would not recommend this pillow for people that aren't specifically looking for a cooling pillow. It will almost make it feel like your hair is perpetually moist and will likely be just too cold. But if you are someone who is always turning your pillow over looking for the cold side (like me), this is your solution for never overheating at night agan. I did notice the slight chemical smell during the first few nights (other reviews have compared it to spray paint), but it went away after a couple days. The box says it's Certipur foam so I'm not worried about it being harmful.

By TheGuy
This pillow is horrible for $50. There is virtually zero support with this pillow. Yes it's memory foam that's true because it certainly puffs back to its original shape as soon as you take your head or hand off of it but there's literally no support. It's like there's no pillow there at all. I tried it for 2 nights, one with no additional pillow and once with a pillow underneath the aquacool. Both mornings i woke up with numb arms and hands. Which i understand isn't solely because of this pillow however I do not wake up with numb arms and hands with my purple pillow. I only tried this pillow because I liked the idea of having a cool surface pillow and I was hoping to replace the 10lb purple pillow. This pillow got 2 stars because at the very least it was cool.

Did I Say Comfy!! By duckhntr
I have spent a bunch of money over the years to find a pillow that is comfy. My expectations were not that high. I am impressed. This is the answer to all my dreams... long uninterrupted dreams. It is squishy. But somehow it holds my head in a position that is just right. No more tossing and turning.. It keeps my head cool too. Did not notice any smell when I opened it. Used it right out of the box. Best pillow ever.

awesome pillow By Mike
I wasn't sure I wanted to spend this much money on a pillow. In the past I bought pillows thinking they would help with neck pain and cooling to no avail. This pillow has lived up to both. I no longer find myself trying to find the cool spot and the pillow has just the right balance between firm and feather for me. Well worth the money. I'm going to buy a 2nd one

Seems to make a nice dog bed... By Ashley
I'm so torn on this. I wanted to like it so much, and it does have some good qualities, but not enough to make it worth recommending. For the positives, it is amazingly cold and feels so good when you initially lay down. And that's about it.... It flattens down to less than an inch thick, which is not enough support. II go between back and side sleeping, and it's not comfortable either way. I tried it for a week, and woke up with an achy neck every morning. I tried putting another pillow under it, but I just couldn't get into a position that was comfortable. It is now laying on the other side of the bed, and my dog seems very happy with it. So I'm glad it's getting some use, but I'd be more happy if it was by me.

Perfect for a side sleeper By Mitch
Perfect for side sleeper! This is not my first memory foam pillow I've tried many of them. But this one is by far the best very soft and comfortable. There is a strange odor when you first take it out of the package but mine is pretty much gone away after a week

Love my cold pillow! By Mary
I have been using this pillow for about one year. I love it! Because it is memory form it does not have great support but that is what I like. It is soft, squishy and cold. I recently purchased 5 more as Christmas gifts. I hope they love them, if not I will re-po them for myself.

Worst pillow for comfort By John
This is one of the worst pillows I have ever bought! I did in fact use it for about 1-2 weeks in the beginning it was nice because it had the “cooling” which actually was a bit nice but after a couple days of use I started getting the worst neck pain I have ever experienced! I myself am a side sleeping but sometimes i switch back and forth but no, whatever position I lay in with this pillow is horrendous and it really messed up my neck, everybody is different but still myself I would never recommend this to NOBODY

My new favorite pillow By AlleyKatChi
I am a pillow snob. I also have neck and back problems, so I have been on a quest to find the perfect pillow. From memory foam to fiber fill to Purple, I have tried it all and this is by far my favorite. It is sooo soft, yet lofty enough to create a nice gentle support as well without craning you neck to one side. Yes it does smoosh down to almost flat where you head hits, but still provides just the right, soft, gentle support under your neck, that seems to create the perfect alignment, at least for me. As for the cooling, yes it does feel especially cool tot the touch although that does dissapate if lay in one spot for a long time. But the coolness does refresh so if you move to another part of the pillow that coolness feels nice. The aqua gel is only on one side so if you don't want coolness, just flip the pillow over and it is normal.

Beautyrest Aqua Cool Pillow: By Chan
This is the most amazing pillow I've ever used. It's very comfortable and very cool when sleeping on it. It's firm but yet very soft, and always holds it's shape. The only downfall is I can't keep my dog off of it.

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