LG - 70" Class - LED - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR

2160p (4K) resolution with HDRSmart TV, webOS, LG ThinQ AITruMotion 120

Best Price: Walmart $846.99

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Product Description

Watch favorite movies and shows in stunning visual clarity with this 70-inch LG Smart UHD TV. The 4K LCD display delivers detailed images and ensures comfortable viewing from multiple sitting positions, while the quad-core processor improves picture transitions and sharpness. This LG Smart UHD TV features LG ThinQ AI technology to support common virtual assistants.


Brand: LG
Model Number: 70UM7370
UPC: 719192629110
Stock: Available
Overall Rating:


Absolutely Beautiful By Vineet
Absolutely loved the TV I moved from a 55 inch LG to this 70 inch LG This is my 3rd LG TV and I could not be more happier An excellent value for money purchase

Great quality By J A Whitfield
Awesome size for the buck of the tv and you can fit on a 60” entertainment centwr [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great TV By Vaultboy0425
I have had the tv for about a month now and it's a good tv for gaming watching movies and watching tv

Awesome picture and sound! By Alan E
I got this as Christmas gift. Size and quality of picture is amazing. Great for football games. Got this pair with sound bar and the movie experience blew us away. The 70” screen is amazing. The magic remote is awesome and easy to use switching for apps Netflix and Disney + and NFL ticket multi screen, perfect for Super Bowl party! Go 49ers!

surprise difference By salpep
I received this as a Christmas present from my sons. I didn't request a new tv because i thought my old one was fine. after receiving and having time to use for a while I have noticed a great improvement over my old set and I am happy with it. My only knock is on the operating instructions. They a re not very clear and difficult to follow without a lot of trial and error.

Cool smart tv By Brookzilla
The size itself is impressive. Although th tv is pretty heavy at 70+ pounds. After 4 months of ownership I am still discovering things. I think that the tv " out thinks" itself sometimes and can't decide which voice control to obey. For the price paid, huge beautiful picture, voice control and all the other features I am highly impressed and pleased

Big screen, big fun By LiganDX
Had this set about a month now and I'm still toying with all the settings! The panel is very bright and vibrant, the various HDR options are awesome for the numerous input devices and the apps are pretty solidly built. I have a second, smaller LG and dig the connectivity between both of those and the mobile apps. Screen share has an issue with my pixel but the rest of the connections are spot on, even the Bluetooth. Very happy with my movie theater feel

Not quite great By MarkTapply
Trying to use this system with a home theater system is maddening! The HDMI ARC set-up is iffy at best! Sometimes it works other times it doesn't. I've been through 5 different high speed HDMI cables and it still cuts out sporadically The "Magic" remote is great except for the fact that the volume controls are terrible, They're the most used function but they're extremely hard to see or feel. This remote needs a serious re-think. Some buttons you can actually feel (rocker type) or see in a dark room are absolutely needed!

It's OK, but far from thrilled By Not a Shill
The picture is nice, but not blow you away nice. The 60” TV I took down is much older technology and had a better picture. That being said, I moved that one out to the patio, so I still get to enjoy it and can clearly see the difference. Basically, I am not using it as a SmartTV. I am just going to buy an AppleTV and mount it to the back. For goodness sakes, there is not even an HBO Go app available. It's not like I'm looking for some obscure app. The SiriusXM app is so old it doesn't have video. Maybe developers do not consider LG to have enough volume to warrant writing apps for it. All over Google it says HBO Go supports LG TV's, but apparently those are the older TV's. That seems counterintuitive. The “smart” user interface is not that intuitive. It appears to be mostly about selling content. As far as being able to control your local box, I have DirecTV. I presume that is THE MOST common box out there. Despite ostensibly using RF technology instead of Infrared to communicate with the TV, apparently it does not do that with the box it is controlling. So my rear mounted box requires me to use my regular DTV remote, which supports RF connectivity. Without having the DirectTV box set up, most of the content search options are unavailable. The user interface was annoying in trying to get past that stage of setup. It did integrate well with my Sonos sound bar using optical, so that was nice. I am still working on trying to get my iPhone or iPad to cast to it, but have not had much success. I'm guessing that is user error on my part, but another reason to ignore the Smart TV aspect and just add an AppleTV, where I won't have to do anything if I want to show something not the TV from a mobile device. Maybe this is a TV for Android users and I'm just an iPhone guy. I registered using the QR code. I thought maybe that was smarter than it is and had the serial number already or at least the model number, but nope. I still had to fill out everything. Even though I used the same email address as other registered products it setup a second account with the same email address, so my LG refrigerator was not together with the TV. They manually merged it together when I emailed about it. I've had the TV about a month and am not sorely disappointed, but certainly not elated. I guess the elevated pricing made me think it was a better TV than it really ended up being. It is thin. They say you can't be too thin or too rich. :) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Nice tv terrible with WiFi connnection By Tommy214
I bought this tv a month ago and it has great sound and picture quality but the WiFi never stays connected to this tv you will have to type your WiFi code in every time you turn on your tv or click on your WiFi code to be honest that out weights the good because all I do is stream and Netflix doesn't work because of that problem and the inconvenience of typing my password in Everytime I turn my tv on.

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