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My Hero Academia - Selfie

Everyone has a favorite movie; TV show; band or sports team. Whether you love an actor; character or singer or player; our posters run the gamut -- from cult classics to new releases; superheroes to divas; wise cracking cartoons to wrestlers; sports teams to player phenoms. Trends has them all.

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Product Description

22.375" x 34" Wall Poster, Officially Licensed Poster, High Quality - Crystal Clear Image, Printed on FSC-Certified Paper at FSC-Certified Printers, Ready to Frame


Brand: Trends International
UPC: 882663473595
MSRP $7.99
Stock: Available
Shipping: $5.99
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One of the best anime posters ever! By Riana
I love the picture of Class 1-A doing the peace sign with a photobomb and it fits perfectly!

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