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Nicoderm CQ Clear Nicotine Patch, Stop Smoking Aid, 14mg, 14 count

NicoDerm® CQ® is a once-daily nicotine patch with Extended Release SmartControl® Technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. It starts to deliver nicotine immediately, and continues steadily throughout the day. NicoDerm® CQ® patches are thin and clear, so it’s easy to apply and wear discreetly. Start with NicoDerm® CQ® Step 1 if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day or NicoDerm® CQ® Step 2 if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day. Follow up with Step 3 after completing Step 2.

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Product Description

Start with Step 2 if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes per dayExtended Release SmartControl® Technology delivers nicotine fast and continues steadily all day longThin, clear transdermal patch, easy to wear discreetlyStep-down approach weans your body off nicotineBox of 14 patches, 14 milligram dose


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