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Nicoderm CQ Clear Nicotine Patch, Stop Smoking Aid, 14mg, 14 count

NicoDerm® CQ® is a once-daily nicotine patch with Extended Release SmartControl® Technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. It starts to deliver nicotine immediately, and continues steadily throughout the day. NicoDerm® CQ® patches are thin and clear, so it’s easy to apply and wear discreetly. Start with NicoDerm® CQ® Step 1 if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day or NicoDerm® CQ® Step 2 if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day. Follow up with Step 3 after completing Step 2.

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Product Description

Start with Step 2 if you smoke less than 10 cigarettes per dayExtended Release SmartControl® Technology delivers nicotine fast and continues steadily all day longThin, clear transdermal patch, easy to wear discreetlyStep-down approach weans your body off nicotineBox of 14 patches, 14 milligram dose


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Nico Dern step 2 By donnakebler
omg, if i knew this product would work this well i would have started it a very long time ago. just got it and have been on the patch for two whole days and not one cigarette. the patches are clear so even with short sleeves you can hardly notice it. and i am looking forward to every morning when i put it on. so far smoke free yeah!!!!!! AND HAVE NO ADVERSE SIDE AFFECTS. FOR ALL WHO ARE CURIOUS. I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT. DON'T WALK . I F YOU FINALLY WANT TO STOP GET IT [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

First timer By Satzi7
I tried Nicoderm CQ for the first time and think it has been pretty helpful so far. Before i started the patch I was able to Get under 5 cigarettes a day. Something about those last few has just seemed impossible to quit. So I tried the patch and after the 2nd day I realized I didn't even smoke that day! I had been struggling with it so much that when I realized it hadn't been a struggle, and I'm fact it didn't even cross my mind I consider that success. The only down side was the first day I think it made me feel a little jittery, it went away by day 2 though, maybe my body just needed to adjust. The minor jittery period was worth not fighting a craving for a cigarette though! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Great Starting Point!! By Kb2222
When you first put the patch on for a a few minutes after applying there is a itchy tingly feel that quickly goes away. Then I forgot I was wearing it. It also leaves a sticky residue when removed like a bandage does. I never really craved a cigarette but still had to deal with I'm bored grab a cigarette and the habit of reaching for one before I realized that I didn't have any. Really did help get me started!! It has been 3 weeks and still going! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

This product is a life saver By Jaimereneep
I used this patch to help aid in quit vaping. The thing about Nicoderm CQ is that it absolutely works. I am now two weeks from using any form of nicotine. If your serious about quitting smoking/vaping then you should have no problem doing so on these. The first week was alittle challenging with my urges. It is just a matter of both physical, as well as phycological withdrawals. No product is going to take away the cravings fully, but I definitely couldn't have gotten this far without these patches. Any side effects listed will vary from person to person. I am pleased to say I had none at all. I was able to shower with it on, and was pleasantly surprised that it still stayed in place through out the rest of the day. I love how the patches are clear, which makes them easy to hide. You can do it! Life is amazing being smoke free. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Quit Smoking with NicoDerm CQ By Meljosplace
I know how bad it is to your health, to others people health, to your pocket book. I know. I know the consequences all too well. I am a health care professional, yet I have a dirty little secret. I am a smoker. There I said it. No excuses. I can't blame others around me, I can't blame my surroundings or my social circles. No matter if it was a half a pack a month or one pack in a year, I am a smoker. I wanted to quit and the first step to quitting is, wanting to. I wanted to quit. While everyone has a different reason to quit, my reason was for me and for my family. So after reviewing a few different programs to help you quit, I decided to try NicoDerm CQ clear patch extended release. Since I am not a heavy smoker, I decided to go with Step 2 of the NicoDerm CQ. Though the 1st step is wanting to quit the 2nd step is crucial to staying on track and having a successful outcome. The NicoDerm CQ kit provided a user's guide with clear step by step directions on how to use the patch. The user's guide also provided helpful information ways to succeed that were not only easy to understand, but it also gave realistic expectations if and when you fall off track. I am not going to lie; even though I was prepared mentally to quit, my physical will power wasn't ready. I felt as if my body was turning on me since all of a sudden my cravings for a cigarette became stronger. So for a week and a half, there on my kitchen counter, sat a bright blue little box that was labeled NicoDerm CQ. Then one day it happened, I decided it was time and I tried it. It was easy to put on and at first there was a tingling sensation where I placed it but it was more cumbersome then painful as it itched. The user's guide informed me that this may happen and eventually the tingling subsided as the day went on and I eventually forgot that the patch was on. The patch for me really worked. During the day I wasn't craving nicotine, it lasted all day long. The hardest part was the habit and muscle memory of wanting to step outside with my friends. A few days into the program I felt a little jittery and I could only contribute this to 2 factors; A: I work at a hospital, therefore I drink a lot of coffee to get through my 12 hour shift and B: I don't smoke daily but I make up for it on my days off. Of course this is a process of elimination and it could have been a reaction, but I decided use the patch for only 8 hours on the days I worked, no jittery sensation thus far. I am proud to say after a week using the NicoDerm CQ extended release, I haven't smoked!! Is the urge to smoke still there? I can honestly say I do not have the craving for the actual nicotine as I use to but the physical urge to actually smoke is still there. I have learned to differentiate the craving and the physical urge and have plans set in place for those moments. The struggle is real, but the outcome will be well worth it. I haven't had any major side effects and though NicoDerm CQ user's guide informed me of what I may be expecting after a few days of quitting, I am happy to say I haven't had any of those symptoms either. But I am prepared for the long haul and I am certain that my overall health will be getting stronger and healthier every day and with my support system and NicoDerm CQ I am confident that I will finally kick this habit. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Keeps cravings at bay! By fatamorgana
Nicoderm CQ Step 2 patch is an excellent product that has helped me through my long journey of smoking cessation, the most important element we need for this to work is the will the quit smoking for good, which is incredibly difficult, after you apply this clear patch in an area without much movement, making sure the skin area is clean and free from lotions, the patch stays on I have taken a bath with the patch on, I even use some baby oil to remove it from my upper arm, although it has helped me curve the cravings a great deal, in the beginning I experienced some kind of itch around the patch, no swelling or redness just a mild itch I suffer from allergies, so I took a pill and it stopped bothering me, works great during the day, I armed myself with gum, candy, lollipops for what seems to be an oral fixation, and although I thought about smoking the cravings didn't drive me crazy, then at night it was a bit more of a challenge, because I had weird dreams, and I woke up in the middle of the night, so I decided to remove the patch right before I'm falling asleep, not when I'm going to bed because I was afraid I would get up and smoke, nicotine tends to keep me up so I took a Benadryl to help me with allergies, and sleep, as days went by I was able to remove the patch before getting to bed, without taking any antihistamine, I've tried different systems to quit in the past, the gum tastes horrible, the medicine treatment works, but I prefer to be off medication to be honest, because it has so many side effects, cold turkey did not work for me at all, been a smoker for 30 yrs, the idea of being able to quit just relying on will power is absurd, electronic cigarettes are not safe, I tried decreasing my nicotine intake, and I ended up smoking more than the equivalent of half a pack, I tried nicotine inhalers, and same as gum I can't stand the nicotine flavor in my mouth it makes me literally sick, to be honest I didn't think a patch would help me at all, but I am so happy I gave this method a try, it seems to me the most convenient, less invasive, not bad tasting method out there, the clear patch can be easily concealed, stays on all day until removed, just make sure not to run out of patches, because you will start smoking again, stay on treatment until you're nicotine cravings decrease to a minimum, always keep gum and candy handy, helps with anxiety, it's not an easy road, but well worth the try for a healthier and longer life, every day without smoking is a triumph! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Helpful Aid By Futureexsmoker
This product is really helping control the cravings which is the hardest part of quitting. I am starting at step two and it's going great!

Best brand for me By OrganicFoodie
In the past I've tried using other style patches and different brands without success. Other patches, I had side effects and kept taking them off, not with this one. It stays on through a shower, and is the only one for me that delivers nicotine in a manner that has no side effects and protects me almost completely from cravings. I also took another Quit Smoking class, and this instructor taught the use of writing, and repeating out loud positive affirmations. I do those affirmations and WEAR THE PATCH EVERYDAY. You can do it!

By PKFirestone
This is my second time trying to quit smoking and this product has helped me to quit. as of today (Apr. 19, 2013) i am smoke free for 33 days. The last time i tried to quit i only made it 30 days. I would recommend this product.

I quit smoking thanks to NicoDerm CQ ! By Malka81
This is a great product that helped me by taking away the urge to smoke it was weird not wanting a cigarette. I strongly recommend this and actually recommended this to my father as well who has now began using the Nicoderm cq patch as well ! I didn't experience any side effects except for vivid dreaming which I had before the patch so I am not sure how much or how little the patch effected that, and a slight upset stomach on day 1, I suggest having a glass of juice before hand as that helped me greatly. I put on the patch first thing after my morning shower after having a small cup of juice and I placed the patch on my shoulder and that worked very well make sure to hold the patch down for the full 10 seconds then I removed the NicoDerm CQ patch just before bed I hardly even noticed the NicoDerm CQ patch and it stayed on all day. as the days went on I would forget that i was wearing a patch and even better I would forget that I wanted a cigarette, in traffic my mind still wants one but my body rejects them now it's great not having to smoke ! I really believe that anyone can quit smoking now because I did and my father is actually using the patch as well and hopefully will also quit! Below I added a picture of the small clear patch ( it's not red that's my towel ) I know how scary trying something new can be but after using this product the thought of my smoking forever is scarier this is super convenient and easy to use and actually works ! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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