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The Indigi Wireless EarPods are designed to be used with any smartphone device. (Android or iOS) The Earpods pair flawlessly and sync up when playing music. The battery is extremely efficient and provides up to 5 hours of talk/listening and up to 100 hours of standby time. The Earpods are truely wireless as no wires hang from either earbuds. Listen to your favorite bands, strike up a conference call, or go for a walk without the a clunky headset over your head or wires that you have to untangle!The earpods are so lightweight that you'll forget that you're wearing them. When playing music, the device utilizes both earpods to provide a true wireless stereo listening experience, but on phone calls, only one of the earpods will have sound, but the buttons on both earpieces remain active. The 2-in-1 portable charging dock & carrying case are also included, so you won't have to worry about running out of charge or finding a place to put the mini earbuds.This Bluetooth 4.2 headset is universally compatible and functions the same with either iOS or Android devices.ProductSpecification:100% New2x EarPods (Left and Right)1x Charging Dock / Carrying Case1x Manual1x USB Charging CordUniversally Compatible DesignLightweight DesignWireless Version: Bluetooth V 4.2+EDRCapacity: Up to 5hrs of use & 100hr standby

$59.99 Best Price: Walmart $24.98  

Rating: (2.0 out of 5.0) 14 reviews

Product Description

2x EarPods (Left and Right)
1x Charging Dock / Carrying Case


Brand: Indigi
Model Number: SSC-ip6-RoseGold-CA05
UPC: 859109020101
MSRP $59.99
Stock: Available
Overall Rating:


Amazing By Margaret
It is very good and effective you can listen to music clearly and they look the same as the apple AirPods just these one are cheaper which is a good thing.

By Xion
Came within a week. Works well and holds phone securely. Only bad thing about it is that it kind of covers the flash light and gets in the way of the camera on your phone so when you take a picture using flash your picture will come out looking dark with a pink corner. Example below:

Great product and great price By Geeta
After shopping for bluetooth earpods I was disappointed with the cost. When I saw these I thought I would take a chance AND I am glad I did. Excellent quality and sound. I did have some issues with pairing the earpods and the ipad but after a few miscues I finally got the pods paired as well as the ipad. Pairing the earpods first and then connecting with the bluetooth on the ipad ended up being the right sequence.

customer By Evie
trying pairing with my iPhone. could not get both ear pieces to work. Only one works,

Don't loose your time and money. By Fabian
If I could use the zero star, I would use it! One of the two earbuds did not work at all. The other was really difficult to pair. Any Bluetooth device should be easy as turn both bluetooth one and pair, not looking at very confusing instructions and videos. I had to return it back and Walmart said it's a third party vendor, they also had to send it back to them. Do not buy this and loose your time.

By David
The left earbud did not work. Returning to the store for a refund

By Ash
Only one ear bud works phone has to be really close by to the phone

By Michael
Does not hold a charge. Only play for 45 minutes. Better off getting the AirPod.

By Chloe
If you try to use both earbuds at the same time it will lose conection easy and its hard to pair both at the sme time. The sound will start and stop again at random.

By Ashley

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