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15KG Compact Electric Portable Clothing Dryer – Portable Clothes Dryer Rack Dries Clothing in 30 Minutes. Saves Time, Money & Space. Dries Everything. Use it Anywhere.


The Simple Living Products Portable Clothes Dryer is the Ultimate Drying Technology That Saves you both Time & Money. The Simple Living Products FS-GR001-2400 electric clothes dryer is a smart drying solution for all your garments.

It really can dry all your garments, from clothing, shoes, teddys, bedding etc.For delicate clothing that cannot be dried in traditional clothes dryers or takes hours to dry naturally then you can quickly and efficiently dry them in this powerful drying rack.

It is not as hot as traditional tumble dryers therefore it will not damage your garments in anyway. To ensure your garments are dried and cared for at the same time you can hang your clothes up inside the clothes dryer or you can lay them flat on the internal drying racks included with this portable device.

Its a fantastic alternative to drying your clothes when accessing a conventional dryer or laundromat is not possible. If you want an easy, non time consuming and convenient way to dry your clothes then this is the ONLY SOLUTION.

This clothes dryer from Simple Living Products is exetremely portable and easy to move around from room to room. It doesn’t take up much room and can be easily dismantled and stored away when needed. Due to its compact and portable design you can use this reliable clothing dryer in Small Spaces, Apartments, Dorm Rooms, Hotels, Gyms, Studios, Offices, RVs, Boats, Houses and MUCH MORE.

Its versatility allows it to be compatible with all kinds of garments such as shirts, dresses, socks, underwear, baby clothes, uniforms, sporting gear, shoes, teddys, bedding and towels etc.Another bonus is that it doesn’t generate much noise, therefore it will not interrupt with any surroundings.

A Simple and Smart Home Appliance that everyone should have. No household should survive without having one of these magically machines in their posession. Its simple, It gets the job done and it?s reliable.

This is the only clothing dryer on the market that comes complete with 2 drying racks. Simply hang your garments on plastic hangers or on the two internal drying racks that are included with the dryer.

The drying racks allow user to dry more smaller garments at once as well as care for delicate items.This portable dryer can dry up to 15KG of clothing during one cycle.Requires no special vents or outlets? Due to its compact size and basic requirements you can place it almost anywhere, as long as you have a plug.

? Gentler on Clothing than Traditional Dryers? A smart clothes dr



DRIES CLOTHES IN 30 MINUTES.0-180-Minute Timer and 2 racks.Can be used almost ANYWHERE.CAN DRY EVERYTHING.Holds up to 15KG of Clothing Per Load.

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