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AcuRite Atomic Desk Clock


The AcuRite Atomic Desk Clock brings you accurate time in a minimalistic, modern design. Suitable for home or office use, this AcuRite atomic clock features an extra-large display screen and numbers, helping you to see it from afar.

The day, date and indoor temperature are also displayed on the screen. This AcuRite clock features a momentary blue backlight to illuminate the screen and a snooze function. It maintains split-second accuracy and automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings Time, helping ensure that you will know the correct time.



AcuRite Atomic Desk Alarm Clock:

  • Battery-powered
  • Batteries are sold separately
  • Sleek, modern design and digital display
  • Features an extra-large (3″ x 5″) display screen and numbers (time is shown in 2″ numbers; day, date, and indoor temperature are in 1/2″ characters)
  • Momentary blue backlight
  • AcuRite atomic clock features snooze function
  • Features curved sides and a footed base for easy placement on any level surface
  • Suitable for home or office use
  • Automatically adjusts to daylight savings time
  • Maintains split-second accuracy
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