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Airzone 48 Inch Fitness Trampoline


This Airzone 48″ Fitness Trampoline uses a band suspension system, as opposed to the metal springs that are commonly used with other brands. It provides for a more controlled and much quieter rebound, allowing for quiet use.

Ideal for use indoors or outdoors when warm weather comes, it’s a fantastic way for all to exercise while having fun. This fitness trampoline does not have any sharp spring ends, making it safer and more reliable.

When using it indoors, be sure it is positioned in a room with a high ceiling to maximize head clearance. The unit is easy to set up and fold down quickly. This blue trampoline features compact dimensions, so you can store it away when not in use.

It’s small enough to slide under beds or fit in a closet, allowing for easier organization in small spaces.



The Airzone 48″ Trampoline cover has a thick, sewn-in layer of padding on the inside lining for added safety. Airzone 48″ Trampoline, Blue:Band suspension system provides incredible rebound, eliminating sharp spring endsBlue trampoline is much quieter than other brands, allowing for indoor use without bothering those around youSuited for both indoor and outdoor useFrame is powder-coated and rust-resistantCompact, low-profile kids’ trampoline allows for storage under beds or in closetsEncourages children to exercise while having funEasy to assemble and set upSafety Features:Bands are hidden under a PVC cover with sewn-in padding and connect to a durable, polypropylene jumping matEvery Airzone trampoline and safety enclosure proudly carries the ASTM seal, letting you know that it has passed all industry standard requirements and testingWeight limit of 200 lbs and should not exceed more than 1 rider at a timeIncludes:Jumping matSpring cover

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