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Armor All Car Wash 24 oz


Give your car a clean, brilliant showroom shine with the Armor All Car Wash (24-oz). It effectively fights water spots, tough automotive dirt and grime. This car wash concentrate is made with a powerful clean-rinsing formula that gives you a streak-free result.

It is safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats. It won’t strip wax like dish soaps, so it’s better for your vehicle over the long term. For best results, use it on a cool surface, preferably in the shade to avoid sun spotting.



Armor All Car Wash 24 oz:Clean-rinsing formula for spot-free, streak-free resultsAutomotive car wash cleans the toughest automotive dirt and grimePowerful cleaners lift away dirt and road grimeSafe for all automotive finishes, including clear coatsWon’t strip off wax, like some dish soaps

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Armor, All

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