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Baby Einstein Discovery Essentials Gift Pack


Great minds start little. Inspire your baby to discover shapes, numbers and colors with the one-of-a-kind Baby Einstein recipe of real-life imagery and multiple languages. The Take Along Tunes features large buttons that toggle through 7 high-quality classical melodies, enhanced by dancing lights and a bead-chaser handle that’s perfect for little hands to grab on-the-go.

The Bendy Ball is made of soft, flexible plastic that makes it easy for little fingers to grasp and squeeze. Take Along Discovery Cards are fabric cards attached to a fun character link. The Teether-Pillar teether features colorful water-filled sections and an easy-to-grasp handle so little hands can hold tight, plus it can be refrigerated to help provide more relief for tender gums.

Roller-pillar Activity Balls complete the bundle with 5 balls full of discovery, each ball features a different activity, and is the perfect size for little hands to grasp and explore!



The Take Along Tunes toy offers large buttons that toggle through 7 high quality classical melodiesColorful lights dance across the screen to each song of the Take Along Tunes toyThe caterpillar, bead chaser handle is easy for little hands to hold and take anywhereTeether-Pillar toy can be refrigerated to soothe sore gums (colors will vary)Bendy Ball is fun and easy for little fingers to bend, squeeze, grasp, and rollColorful, recognizable caterpillar characterRoller-pillar Activity Balls each feature a different activity for baby to exploreWith Take Along Discovery Cards baby can discover classical melodies, shapes, numbers, colors and multiple languages (characters will vary)

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