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Chevron Rainbow – Baby Shower Game Bingo Cards – 16 Count


Gift bingo is an easy baby shower game that everyone will have fun playing. Ideally played during the gift opening, this timeless game will get everyone excited about the baby shower gifts! Our chevron rainbow gift bingo baby shower game includes 16 unique game cards so you will want to plan for multiple winners if you have more than 16 guests and order multiple packs.

How to play: Place a bingo game card at each tablesetting or hand one out to each guest. Make sure to have marking tools for everyone (pen, pencil, jelly beans or Hershey�s Kisses). As Mommy-To-Be is opening her gifts, guests mark the corresponding square.

The first to get 5 in a row wins and should yell BINGO! You can also play with the caller sheet provided by cutting the caller chips apart and drawing them randomly from a bowl.Please note: purchasing multiple bingo games will create multiple winners; there are only 16 unique cards per game package.



16 unique gift bingo cards (approx. 5″ x 7″) printed on high quality card stock. Includes instructions and caller chips for alternate play.

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