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Dove Beauty Bar White 3.75 oz 10 Bars


Dove White Beauty Bar combines a gentle cleansing formula with Dove’s signature 1/4 moisturizing cream to hydrate and nourish skin, instead of leaving skin feeling dry and tight like an ordinary soap bar might.

Dove’s mild cleansers help skin retain its natural moisture, which helps keep skin hydrated, and Dove Beauty Bar even helps replenish nutrients that can be lost during the cleansing process. Use your Beauty Bar as a facial cleanser or as a gentle skin cleanser for your body and hands.

For best results, rub your Dove Beauty Bar between wet hands and massage the smooth, creamy lather over your skin before rinsing thoroughly. The secret to beautiful skin is moisture, and no other bar soap hydrates skin better than Dove.

That’s because Dove isn’t a soap; it’s a Beauty Bar. Formulated with mild cleansers that care for skin as you cleanse, Dove Beauty Bar helps deliver nourishment and leave your face and body feeling soft and smooth and looking more radiant than ordinary soap does.

Our vision is of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety. Our mission is to help the next generation of women develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.

We are committed to a landmark new initiative to reduce plastic waste—reducing more than 20,500 tons of virgin plastic yearly by making the iconic beauty bar packaging plastic-free globally, launching new 100 percent recycled plastic bottles and creating a new refillable deodorant format that radically reduces plastic use.

As one of the largest beauty brands in the world, we are revealing a commitment to tackle the global beauty industry’s plastic waste issue.



Dove Beauty Bar White 3.75 oz 10 Bars:LOCK IN MOISTURE: The classic Dove White Beauty Bar nourishes and pampers skin to give you softer, smoother, more radiant looking skin than traditional bar soapRICH HYDRATION: Help maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier and hydration with this beauty bar for women–ideal to use as a facial cleanser and body soap for sensitive skin Formulated with mild cleansers and moisturizing cream, Dove moisturizing beauty bar leaves skin soft and smooth with every showerGENTLE CLEANSING The luxurious lather of this Dove Beauty Bar won’t dry skin like other bath soaps.

It’s gentle enough to use every day both body and faceA FRESH ALTERNATIVE: Try Dove White Beauty Bar gentle cleanser to help replenish nutrients, leaving dry skin feeling soft and smoothREDUCING WASTE: 20,500 tons of plastic saved yearly by creating plastic-free packaging on our beauty bar, 100 percent recycled plastic bottles in our Dove body wash, and a refillable deodorant format

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