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Ematic 8GB MP3/Video Player


The blue Ematic 8GB MP3/Video player offers multiple entertainment options that you can carry virtually anywhere. With its 8GB hard drive, it has the space for over 2,000 sounds, more than 5,000 pictures or four hours of HD video.

You can listen to entire albums or audiobooks, watch movies or look at and share photos with the Ematic MP3/Video Player. The color display makes the device easy to navigate, letting you quickly find what you want to see or listen to.

The Ematic video player supports various media file formats, including MP3, WMA, BMP and JPEG, and even DRM files. With conversion software, it also supports MP4, AVI and MPG videos. A built-in FM tuner lets the player pick up radio stations and record broadcasts.

A USB 2.0 connection allows you to quickly load media onto the blue Ematic 8GB MP3/Video player.



Ematic 8GB MP3/Video Player, Blue:

  • 8GB hard drive stores up to 5,333 pictures, 2,285 songs and 4 hours of HD video
  • 1.8″ color display for easier navigation and viewing of artist and song titles, or playing your favorite videos and movies
  • Includes conversion software so you can play MP4, AVI or MPG format videos
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