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Gladius International Toddler Emotion Association Game


The main goal of this educational game is to initiate younger ones to the great world of board games! Learn my 1st emotions is designed for children 2 years and older. At this young age, children are not able to analyze their own emotions and feelings.

This game will help them learn and recognize the 4 basic emotions such as: Anger, Joy, Sadness and Fear. As a result, children will be able to analyze better their own emotions and control them when they arise.

They will also understand the feelings and emotions of others. This game will help younger ones to develop their sense of observation as well as their social interactions. Bonus: This game comes with a mini emotional Racoon!



Gladius International Toddler Emotion Association Game:Product Size: 7” x 9”Product Color: Orange, PurpleMaterial Composition: CardboardAge Range: 2 years and olderProduct Weight: 1.20 lbsProduct Capacity: 5Product Dimensions: 7” x 2” x 9”Orange and Purple Cardboard boxPlay this game on a table42 discs and 4 game boardsComes with a raccoon plushAdditional InformationSafety Warnings: Not for children under 2 years oldSpecific Uses: Do not dry clean, bleach, iron, washAudience: Children of 2 years and olderSubject Matter: Card gameDirections: Play this game on a tableSpecial instructions: item comes with 42 discs, 4 game boards and game rules

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