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Homz Professional Wide-Top Ironing Board, Cream


Make the repetitive chore of ironing easier with the Homz Professional Wide-Top Ironing Board. This household essential features an enhanced design to satisfy all your typical ironing requirements. For instance, the wider stance of the four-leg design gives added stability over the two-bar type of stand.

It is constructed on a steel frame for long life and durability. The top of this cream professional ironing board is 24-percent larger than standard products, providing a more generous work area for more precise work.

It allows a great deal more space for shirt fronts and dresses. The blunt nose offers the shape needed for detailed work around ruffles and to finish sleeves correctly. The mesh top allows for improved steam flow.

Additionally, it ensures even heating, protecting garments from potential damage. The Homz ironing board has a 100-percent cotton cover with a fiber pad that ensures long-lasting results.


A linen rack is conveniently included below the board surface for folded garment storage. The built-in premium iron rest includes an integrated garment hanger to hold pressed clothing. There is a recessed area for storage of water and starch bottles, and it includes silicone pads to help dissipate heat.

Homz Professional Wide-Top Ironing Board, Cream:

  • Wide-top ironing board
  • Professional 4-leg design
  • Stylish stability and durability
  • Linen rack
  • Iron rest
  • Garment hanger
  • Storage area
  • Cream professional ironing board with steel frame
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