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Hyper Tough 16-Ounce Hardened Steel, Wooden Handle Claw Hammer


A standard item in every toolbox should include the Hyper Tough 16 oz. wood handle hammer. The heat treated drop forged head has 3 1/2 inch curved claw for easy pulling, prying and removal. The hardwood handle give a sure and steady grip with heal rest on the butt end.

And since it is a directly integrated piece of the handle, it can never pull loose. The all steel forged head provides 2 striking ends for long life and durability. Permanent head to handle epoxy bond ensures a handle to head seperation will never occur.

The 16 ounce wood hammer provides striking power for driving nails in a repeated manner without adding the fatigue from heavier hammers. This is a must have tool for heavier projects.



Hyper Tough 16 oz Wood Hammer:Hardened steel head    Wood Handle5 year limited warranty

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