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Maggie And The Ferocious Beast: Rain Showers And Spring Flowers (Full Frame)


Studio 1: Universal Music GroupVideo Release Date: 2008-02-05Animated: Live-action



“Spring Is in the Air! Come celebrate the coming of spring and the power of friendship with the adventures of Maggie and her pals: the large and lovable Ferocious Beast and the steadfast and true pig, Hamilton Hocks.

“”What’s In The Bag?”” – Maggie has a bagful of very unusual Jelly Beans. For starters, they won’t stop arguing over which color jelly bean is the best. How can Maggie and Hamilton put a stop to this fighting? “”Rainy Day”” – When a flood whisks away Hamilton’s box, our trio sets out on an adventure to rescue it with the help of the Jelly Bean Team.

“”Chasing A Rainbow”” – After a heavy rainfall, Hamilton, Maggie and Beast travel to Mud Creek looking for the end of the rainbow. “”The Bunny Slippers”” – While at a slumber party, Beast yearns for a pair of Bunny Slippers until he discovers something special about his own slippers.

Also Includes: “”Beastly Picture””, “”The Push-Me Popper””, “”Don’t Dump That Junk””, “”Soup Bowls And Roller Coasters””, “”Hamilton’s Magic””, “”Nedley’s Circus””, “”The Windy Day””, and “”Nedley’s Glasses””.

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