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Mini Collapsible Round Portable Clothes Dryer – Clothing Dryer that Dries Clothes Within 30 Minutes – Holds Up to 10KG


The Simple Living Products SL-RD-001G Foldable Portable Clothes Dryer is the most convenient & reliable alternative for drying your clothes.It can dry 18 GARMENTS or 10KG AT ONCE. Infact you can dry almost anything in this clothes machine.

Its ideal for all kinds of garments including clothing, under garments, baby clothes, uniforms, sports gear, shoes, towels, teddys, bedding and much more.If you want a convenient alternative to drying your clothes without the hassle of heading to the laundromat, this portable electric clothes dryer is a great choice to save you both TIME and MONEY.

Can be Assembled and Drying within 5 Minutes:Not only can this collapsible clothing dryer be set and drying your clothes in as little as 5 minutes, but it can also be easily dismantled and stored away in less time.

One of the most attractive features of this high performance clothing dryer is its compact design. If you have a small living space you can easily tidy the dryer away in cupboard or if you wish to take this appliance on the road with you, then you can.

It is especially popular for people who travel a lot with work or RV users.With a standard 3 pin plug you can connect it almost anywhere such as dorms, apartments, small living spaces or while travelling.

Beyond its considerable size it is extremely powerful but QUIET during operation. It will not disrupt is surroundings while in use.Dries Your Clothes – But Doesn’t Exhaust Your Clothes:This 10KG portable clothing dryer is suitable for almost everything.

Clothing Garments include shirts, dresses, underwear, socks, baby clothes, uniforms and sporting gear.However you can dry more than just clothes, you can use this dryer to dry shoes, towels, bedding, teddys, pillows, napkins and much more.

Unlike tradtional tumble dryers, this compact clothes dryer doesn’t exhaust your clothes. It Simply just dries your clothes. For special garments you wouldn’t normally put into your standard tumble dryer, they can most likely be dried in this ventless dryer.

An added features is that it also removes residual detergent from the fabrics, eliminating that film like feeling clothes can get when dried in tumble driers.COMPACT, FAST, RELIABLE & A MONEY SAVERCOMPACT + EASY TO USE.

Its super easy to use, simply hang up your clothes, plug it in and begin drying.The internal notched racks eliminates the use for hangers, however they can still be used.?Alternative uses include storage.

No vent or special outlet needed.FAST + RELIABLE.This Round Dryer



Dries in 30 minutes. Includes0-180-minute timer and a safety shutoff function. Use it in dorms, apartments,small living spaces & travelling. Ideal for clothing, undergarments, uniforms, sports gear, shoes, towels and more.

Assembled and ready to use in 10Minutes.Powerful but quiet motor. No vent orspecial outlet needed.

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