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NewAir MiniDryer36W Portable Clothes Dryer 13.2lb. Capacity/3.6 cu.ft.


3.6 Cu. Ft. Portable Dryer



Capacity: 3.6 Cubic Feet or 13.2lbs.Drying Options: Multiple hot and cool drying options and variable timer settings allow this dryer to manage all clothing types.Energy-Efficient Drying: Using about 1,400 watts, this dryer is much more energy efficienct than the average 4,000 watt home clothes dryer.

Compact Design: Featuring a sunken transparent viewing window and wall hanging brackets, this space-saving dryer was made to fit in apartments and dormitories.Stainless Steel Drum: Don’t worry about the hardware from your clothing leaving nicks or scratches to your inner drum.

Extended Drying Time: Being able to choose from 20 to 200 minutes, you no longer need to keep restarting the unit to dry jeans and bedding.Easy Maintenance: Cleaning the lint filter located in the bottom of the stainless steel drum and the air intake filter below the door are easy and don’t require any tools.

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