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Nicorette 4mg Cinnamon Surge Stop Smoking Aid Gum 100 ct Box


This product may be FSA eligible. Please check with IRS Pub. 502 for Eligibility

If you’re trying to quit smoking, the Nicorette Cinnamon Surge Gum 4mg, 100ct helps you reach your healthy, smoke-free goals.

When you suddenly quit smoking, you may become moody and irritable due to the lowered dopamine levels in your body. Made with a refreshing cinnamon flavor, Nicorette Mint Gum gives you a controlled amount of nicotine, so your cravings are less frequent.

As soon as you take your focus away from smoking, you can begin to think of other things that matter the most to you. If you smoke your first cigarette within a half hour of waking up, the Nicotine Gum uses the right amount of strength that you need to control your cravings.

When used as directed, you can even use an extra piece to handle strong or frequent cravings. Use this Nicorette Gum as part of the Nicorette Committed Quitters program, so that you can celebrate the little wins and quit smoking for good.


  • Only Nicorette® Nicotine Gum offers patented dual-coated technology for great taste, plus intense craving relief associated with quitting smoking.
  • Smoking cessation method to control their nicotine intake when quitting smoking.

  • Offered in a great-tasting Cinnamon Surge™ flavor.
  • Allows users to take a 2nd piece of nicotine gum for strong or frequent cravings.
  • Provides a stop smoking option for people prefer to give their mouth the relief of chewing.

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