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Nicorette® 4mg Fresh Mint™ Stop Smoking Aid Gum 100 ct Box


Nicorette® Nicotine Gum calms cravings and reduces irritabilty and anxiety associated with quitting smoking. This stop smoking aid is specially formulated with nicotine to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and can help you quit your smoking habit.

Nicotine gum is a form of nicotine replacement therapy that is effective for craving relief without needing a prescription.Nicotine gum is the ideal quit smoking aid for smokers who:• Want a portable method of nicotine replacement therapy• Want to control their nicotine intake• Enjoy the option to use an extra piece of nicotine gum within the hour for strong or frequent cigarette cravings• Prefer to give their mouth the relief of chewingOffered in the great-tasting Fresh Mint™ flavor, the 4mg Nicorette® Gum strength is recommended for smokers who smoke their first cigarette within 30 minutes of waking up.

Nicorette® Gum also allows users to chew a second piece of nicotine gum within the hour if they are experiencing strong or frequent cigarette cravings.Smokers can utilize the “Chew and Park” method of nicotine gum.

Chew the Nicorette® Gum until you can feel a tingling sensation in your mouth. Then “park” the nicotine gum between your cheek & gums. Once the tingling sensation is almost gone, start chewing again.

Repeat this for about 30 minutes until the tingle is gone.



Nicorette Stop Smoking Aid Nicotine Gum: Provides intense craving relief Easy to use anytime, anywhere 4mg Reduces withdrawal symptoms Coated gum Fresh Mint flavor, 100 pieces

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