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“Pop-Up Storage House / Shed, 60″” x 60″” x 78″””


“The Pop-Up Storage House is a large waterproof shelter that can be set up in a backyard or garden. It will effectively protect outdoor items from the elements. Use it to store your lawn or patio furniture, cushions, game equipment, wheeled toys, pool supplies, gardening tools and sports equipment.

The portable house/shed measures 60″” x 60″” x 78″”, providing a generous space for stowing your things. It has spring-steel frames that elevate the front and back, forming a tent-like structure, which sets up in just moments.

The fiberglass interior creates a firm and sturdy support. This waterproof house can be set up easily on soil or on a hard surface such as cement. It is light and easy to move, so it can be relocated as needed.

It includes a weather-tuff shell to keep your stored items clean and dry.”



“Pop Up Storage House Large:Screened vents allow the storage house to breathe while keeping pests outPortable house/shed measures 60″” x 60″” x 78″”Sets up anywhere on soil or hard surfaceFlower House Model No. SHSM655″

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