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RCA Digital Signal Amplifier for Indoor Antennas


The RCA Digital Signal Amplifier is just what you need to boost the performance of your TV antenna. Made for indoor antennas, this RCA signal amplifier for indoor antennas maximizes the reception strength of your TV antenna, allowing you to pick up more channels and also display them with more clarity and consistency.

While this antenna signal amplifier is designed to work ideally with RCA flat series antennas, it works just as well with any brand of indoor antenna. The RCA Digital Signal Amplifier uses ELN (extremely low-noise) circuitry to ensure a pure signal free of interference and can pick up both UHF and VHF digital signals.

This antenna signal amplifier installs easily into a coax cable connection and immediately goes to work strengthening your antenna’s signal. Using the RCA Digital Signal Amplifier will help provide more viewing choices and enhance the clarity and quality of your existing ones.



RCA Digital Signal Amplifier for Indoor Antennas:Enhances performance of all passive antenna brandsOptimizes signal for best possible receptionPreserves signal purity with extremely low-noise (ELN) circuitryEngineered specifically for UHF/VHF digital signalsEasy coax connectionDesigned to match RCA Flat Series antennas

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