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Schumacher XI75DU Power Inverter


Run a variety of appliances at the same time with the help of this handy Schumacher XI75DU Power Inverter. It is constructed of sturdy and durable materials and is designed for long-lasting use. This 750 watt power inverter delivers 750 continuous watts and 1,500 peak watts.

It features a built-in high-speed cooling fan that protects it from heating up. In addition, it provides fused overload protection, high-temperature shutdown and low-battery voltage shutdown for maximum protection of appliances and devices.

This DC to AC power converter has a digital display that indicates power out, voltage in and voltage out. It will power computers, power tools, cell phones, kitchen appliances and more. This Schumacher power inverter will also charge devices such as cell phones, tablets, iPads and others.

This power inverter comes with battery clamps for added convenience. It features a slim design that allows for easy storing and transporting.



Schumacher XI75DU Power Inverter:750 continuous watts1,500 peak wattsDigital display12V AC accessory portHeavy-duty battery clampsRing connectors2 x 120V AC outletsBuilt-in high-speed cooling fanFused overload protectionLow-battery voltage shutdownHigh-temperature shutdownSchumacher power inverter is easy to store and transportRun or charge computers, tablets, cell phones, power tools and more

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