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Serta Electric Neck and Back Warmer


Take the stress away after a busy day with this ingenious Serta Neck and Back Warmer. It is a soothing way to unwind after a hectic time. This electric neck warmer is made of soft plush fabric for a spa-like feel.

It snaps securely in front to stay in place. Its contoured shape is designed to relax tight, achy muscles and soothe the pain that occurs throughout the day. For torn muscles and mild sprains, it has four adjustable temperatures for even heat to help speed recovery.

This muscle warmer can help after a strenuous workout. It can be worn at the office or at home. If you forget to turn it off, it has an automatic eight-hour shut-off safety feature. The Serta Neck and Back Warmer is a smart choice to add to your home health kit and would be a thoughtful gift for a friend.



“Serta Electric Neck and Back Warmer:Size: 26″” x 30″”Soft plush fabricContoured shape to heat neck, back and shouldersElectric neck warmer secures with front snap4 adjustable heat settings8-hour auto-offHelps relax sore muscles and release tension after a busy dayAids in speedy recovery from an injuryContoured fit is more convenient to use than a regular heating padThoughtful gift for a friend”

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