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Smithsonian Rock Tumbler Classic With Bonus Refill


The Smithsonian Rock Tumbler Classic with Bonus Refill is a fun way to learn about earth science for kids and adults alike. It comes with a variety of stones such as jasper, agates and others in their natural state.

These are then placed inside the tumbling drum with the included medium and coarse grit in stages to render them into shiny, polished wonders with a bright sheen and smooth feel. This hastens the same natural processes of the ocean, doing in minutes what usually takes millions of years.

Colors are brightened and edges smoothed out. This rock tumbler for kids also comes with jewelry hardware and glue so you can make polished stones into bracelets and other accessories to wear or to give to family and friends.

There is even a color poster to decorate the wall and display information about the different types of rocks. The rock tumbler refill kit set is recommended for ages 10 and older.



Includes amethyst, jasper, agate and othersBonus stone pack included with rock tumbler kitMake bracelets, charms and keychainsSame process used by the ocean for millions of yearsComes with jewelry-making hardwareAlso includes medium and coarse grit, polish and glue

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