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Social Sabotage: An Awkward Party Game by BuzzFeed


Social Sabotage is a card game where friends challenge each other to be awkward on social media. Playing BuzzFeed’s first party game is simple and fun. Each round, you’ll draw a “WHERE” Card, which gives you a person, platform, or social network to text or post to.

Then, your friends throw down “WHAT” cards, each with a totally awkward message, and encourage you to send one of them, leading to the funniest fallout as the recipients reply in real-time.

Unlike most party games, Social Sabotage uses players’ smartphones for hilarious results. Do you have the guts? Are you willing to implode your beautifully curated digital life? You better be, because that’s the only way to win.



The first party game created by BuzzFeed.comYou’ll need 3 or more friends to play, but don’t expect to keep them.Ages 17 and up2 minutes to learn, 30-45 minutes to playA smartphone is required to playIncludes 500 premium playing cards (410 “WHAT” black cards and 90 “WHERE” yellow cards), game rules and alternative rulesStore cards in reusable box with space for one Social Sabotage expansion packApologies to grandmothers everywhere.

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