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Spalding NBA Max Grip 29.5″ Basketball


The Spalding NBA Max Grip 29.5″ Basketball brings superior game development to the next level. It features a premium composite cover that offers superior grip and texture to allow for maximum ball control for passing, dribbling and shooting accuracy.

The durable design of the Spalding NBA Max Grip basketball enhances proper hand placement and encourages consistency on both indoor and outdoor courts. It features easy-to-feel ridges that allow each player, no matter their age or skill level, to develop every aspect of their game.

The tacky texture found on this Spalding NBA basketball improves grip for beginning fundamentals and helps to gain confidence in advanced lay-up skills. Each basketball comes inflated, so it is game ready at purchase.

Grab ahold of this professional style Spalding NBA Max Grip 29.5″ basketball and change the way the game is played.



Spalding NBA Max Grip 29.5″ Basketball:Official NBA size and weight: Size 7, 29.5″Premium composite coverShipped inflated and game-readyDesigned for indoor and outdoor playSpalding NBA Max Grip basketball holds up to daily playConstruction provides a smart solution for all levels of playersGrip encourages proper hand placement and ball controlCan be used on pavement or floored courtsUnisex game applicationDesign provides touchable distinction for proper spin and releaseComposite cover lasts through countless drills and scrimmagesDesign enhances ball handling for passing and dribbling accuracyHelps develop different ages for game play

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