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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Seventh Season (Full Frame)


The complete seventh season of the TV series Star Trek Deep Space Nine.Studio 1: Paramount Home VideoVideo Release Date: 2003-12-02



“The End Is Near. It’s all led to this – the final season of “”Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”” In the midst of all-out war, Captain Benjamin Sisko discovers secrets of his past, while both he and the crew of Deep Space 9 continue to face mounting threats from the Dominion.

It soon becomes clear the Federation won’t be able to end this war alone. “”Ending An Era”” – Producer Ira Steven Behr, Cast Members And Crew Discuss Wrapping Up Seven Years Of DS9. Included Is An In-depth Behind-the-scenes Look At The Final 2-part Episode, “”What You Leave Behind””, Crew Dossier: Benjamin Sisko – In A New, Exclusive Interview Avery Brooks Explores Sisko’s Character From The Pilot To His Remarkable Transformation In The Final Episode, Crew Dossier: Jake Sisko – Cirroc Lofton Takes A Look At His Character And Describes How He Grew Up On The Set Of DS9, Plus His Close Ties To Avery Brooks, The Last Goodbyes – A Rare Behind-the-scenes Look At The Lounge Scene From The Final Episode, Featuring Production Staff Cameos And Cast Members Reminiscing About Their 7-year Journey Together.

Also Included: Footage Of The Final Cast Party, Featuring Interviews With Cast And Crew, Photo Gallery. Subtitles: English.”

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