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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Third Season (Full Frame)


Studio 1: ParamountVideo Release Date: 2003-06-03Animated: Live-action



“The Dominion War Looms. Captain Benjamin Sisko and his crew face their biggest threat yet – The Dominion. Commanded by a race of shapeshifters, the Dominion is one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy.

Together, the crew of the Deep Space 9 must stay one step ahead in preventing all-out war. Meanwhile, new forces threaten Starfleet’s control of the coveted space station. “”The Birth Of The Dominion And Beyond”” – Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr and others discuss the development of “”Deep Space Nine’s”” arch nemesis.

Featured in Season 3, “”The Dominion”” plays a pivotal role throughout the remainder of the series. “”Michael Westmore’s Aliens – Season Three”” – includes a detailed look at Ferengis, Kira as a Cardassian, Bashir’s aging process, and several dramatic changes created for the shapeshifter Odo.

“”Crew Dossier: Odo”” – Features new, exclusive interviews with Rene Auberjonois and others examining the unique character of Odo during the seven-year run of “”Deep Space Nine.”” “”Time Travel Files – “”Past Tense”” – The cast and crew discuss one of the series’ most popular and poignant episodes, the two-part saga “”Past Tense,”” whose social commentary mirrored real -life events.

“”Sailing Through The Stars: A Special Look At ‘Explorers'”” – Production Designer Herman Zimmerman and others discuss the creation of the award-winning ship design piloted by Benjamin Sisko and Jake.

Includes rarely seen photos and illustrations. Subtitles: English.”

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