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Star Trek: The Compendium – Star Trek / Star Trek Into Darkness (Blu-ray + Digital HD)


Includes Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness.Studio 1: ParamountVideo Release Date: 0000-00-00Run time: 257 minutes



A blockbuster double feature, The Compendium brings together J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness. Incorporating all of the Bonus Features ever created for the two films, this special collection will deliver the ultimate Star Trek movie experience!.

Featurette: The Voyage Begins.. Again; Featurette: To Boldly Go; Commentary: Commentary; Commentary: Enhanced Commentary -; Other: Casting; Trailers: “The Mission Continues” Trailer HD; Featurette: Creating The Red Planet; Featurette: A New Vision; Featurette: Introducing the Villain; Featurette: Rebuilding the Enterprise; Featurette: Starships; Featurette: Aliens; Featurette: National Ignition Facility: Home of the Core; Featurette: Attack on Starfleet; Featurette: Planets; Featurette: Aliens Encountered; Featurette: Props and Costumes; Featurette: The Klingon Home World; Other: Ben Burtt and the Sounds of Star Trek; Featurette: The Enemy of My Enemy; Other: Score; Featurette: Vengeance is Coming’ Other: Gene Roddenberry’s Vision; Featurette: Ship to Ship; Additional Scenes: Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary; Other: Starfleet Vessel Simulator; Featurette: Mr.

Spock and Mr. Spock; Featurette: Down with the Ship; Bloopers: Gag Reel; Featurette: Kirk and Spock; Trailers: Trailers; Featurette: Brawl by the Bay; Featurette: Fitting the Future; Featurette: Property of Starfleet; Featurette: Continuing the Mission; Featurette: Unlocking the Cut; Featurette: The Sound of Music (and FX); Featurette: Visual Affection; Trailers: Theatrical Trailers; Additional Scenes: DELETED SCENES; Featurette: Safety First; Featurette: NEW FEATURETTE 1; Bloopers: GAG REEL; Photo Gallery: PHOTO GALLERY.

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