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Tasharina M/L/XL Pregnancy Maternity Support Belt Waist Abdomen Belly Back Brace Band


“M/L/XL Pregnancy Maternity Support Belt Waist Abdomen Belly Back Brace BandAVAILABLE SIZE:SizeMeasurement cm/inchFits Belly Circumference RangeDimension(L*W) Elastic Pad SizeM76-108cm/ 29.92-42.52″”74 x 19.

5cm/ 29 x 7.7″”43 x 14cm/ 16.9 x 5.5″”L81-117cm/ 31.89-46.06″”81 x 19.5cm/ 32 x 7.7″”47 x 14cm/ 18.5 x 5.5″”XL88-128cm/ 34.65-50.39″”84 x 19.5cm/ 33 x 7.7″”50 x 14cm/ 19.7 x 5.5″”Tips : Please measure your belly circumference around the largest part of your belly.

We’re Tasharina Corp, we can only guarantee the quality of our products are genuine. Please do not place orders from the other sellers who malicious to occupy our buybox. Otherwise you may get the imitation products.

FEATURES:Are you feeling the discomfort of your growing belly during pregnancy? This maternity girdle provides the full support to the pregnancy belly and help relief the  lower back / pelvic pain and discomfort during pregnancy;This maternity girdle includes an abdominal support pad that tucks under belly and lifts up without pressure, an adjustable belt that allows you to adjust and position the support pad for your comfort, and the upper abdominal lift belt holds the pregnancy support in place;ELASTIC and FULLY ADJUSTABLE to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy;Constructed of BREATHABLE MULTI-LAYERED LAMINATE with a cotton/nylon lining, velcro closure;Effectively prevents the formation of stretch marks by helping to avoid overstretching of the skin, but without restricting the baby movement; Helps to correct physiological position of your baby at the late stage of pregnancy, hence prevents complications during pregnancy and labor;Helps relieve pressure on mother organs caused by baby, allowing easier breathing, and less problems with bowels and water works;The support also encourages correct posture, relieving stress on the lower back caused by misalignment of the spine due to pregnancy.

INSTRUCTIONS: Wrap the abdominal lift attachment around your waist with the desired level of support. Position the pad so it is centered and under the abdomen. (Please refer to drawing provided for more visual indications); Attach the belt to the pad and pull both elastic sides until the desired tension and attach the closure to the abdominal pad; To help keep the support in place and keep from sliding down, stretch the top strap over your stomach and attach to the opposite side; Adjust belt tension to make it comfortable.

NOTE: Maternity belts are usually adjusted when in stand


Maternity Support Belt for PregnancyFully Adjustable and Elastic BandRelief Pelvic / Lower Back PainProvide Gentle, Firm Support for adbomenThin enough for you to wear it under clothesDurable and Reusable

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