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Turtle Beach Ps4 Stealth500p Headset


These Turtle Beach Stealth 500p Headphones allow you to get maximum enjoyment from your favorite tunes, podcasts, movies, video games and more. They’re armed with completely wireless DTS 7.1-channel surround sound technology and massive 50mm speakers that make it ideal for the PS4 or PS3.

The comfortable, all-new design of this Turtle Beach wireless headset allows for quick access to vital audio customization and controls. The microphone can be adjusted and placed in the ideal position to pick up your voice, or removed altogether.

The rechargeable battery delivers over 15 hours of pure gaming bliss per charge to minimize downtime. These Turtle Beach Stealth 500p headphones have everything you need and more, so you can always get the crystal clear sound that you want.

Hook them up and enjoy hours of immersive sound.



Turtle Beach FG Ear Force Stealth 500P Headphones:50mm speakers7.1-channel surround soundWireless technologyOver 15 hours battery lifeBuilt-in rechargeable batteryEasy customizationRechargeable headphones that you can use easilyNo longer worry about needing batteriesCharge on the goUse for hours of loud music or show soundPS4 surround sound headset has adjustable, high-sensitivity removable microphoneCan be connected via USWB or optical connectionCan be connected to mobile phone to take calls or hear text notifications

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