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Upper Deck The Dingo Ate the Baby Board Game


“The Dingo Ate The Baby is a variant on “”Rock, Paper, Scissors”” with babies scaring elephants, elephants stomping lions, lions eating dingos, and dingos eating babies. Just be sure to watch out for the monkeys! Every round, players roll a ten-sided die, then add 10 to the total.

That “”round number”” is the target that each player wants to get as close to as possible without going over. Players then take turns playing cards from their hand on either themselves or other players.

Each card has a point value and a color. Cards can be played on others only if the color of that card matches a color already on the other player’s board. Some cards have effects (e.g., baby scares an elephant) that can remove cards from play.

Once the total number of cards that have been discarded equals twice the number of players, the round ends. Players score a point for each other player they beat in getting closest to the “”round number”” without going over; any player that exceeds the “”round number”” scores no points.

The next round begins with another die roll, and the game continues until a player reaches a predetermined number of points.”


  • 65 playable cards
  • 5 player markers
  • 1 die
  • 1 game board
  • rulebook
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