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Whistler Xtr-338 Laser-radar Detector with Real Voice Alerts


This refurbished Whistler XTR-338 Laser/Radar Detector has many preferred features for radar detection, including Real Voice alerts, which provide verbal alerts for bands received. The numeric icon display provides easy signal confirmation of band and strength.

The unit also features POP Mode detection, while alert periscopes provide a distinct flash when the unit alarms. Note: Laser radar detectors are legal for passenger vehicles in every state except Virginia and Washington, D.

C. Radar receivers are prohibited in commercial vehicles over 10,000 lbs.



Whistler XTR338 RADAR DETECTOR:Real Voice AlertsNumeric Icon DisplayTraffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) Helps Eliminate Alerts From Radar-based Traffic Flow Sensors Alert Periscopes LEDs On Top Of Unit Provide Additional Visual Alert 360deg Maxx Coverage Total Band Protection 3 City Modes High Gain Lens Provides Increased Field Of View For Better Range Stay AlertPop Model Detection Dim/dark Modes Quiet/auto Quiet Silences Audio Alerts Alert Priority Displays Most Important Signal When Laser Radar Detector Is Turned Off;Vehicle Battery Saver Automatically Shuts Off Detector Safety Warning System Keeps User Informed Of Highway Safety Where Transmitters Are Located Setting Saver Saves Personalized Settings When Unit Is Turned OffVG2 DetectionDetects Laser Atlanta Stealth ModeIncludes Windshield Bracket Kit, Power Cord & Owner’s Manual

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