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White Caribbean Beach Pebbles 2-5″ 30 lbs


The Margo Landscaping Rock collection offers handpicked stones from various beautiful beaches around the world. With a light tone, they can complement many styles of gardens, giving you versatility in your design.

All the stones are created and tumbled in their natural habitat to produce a smooth and rounded rock for outdoor gardens and interior design and landscaping. The Margo rock comes in a blend of sizes from 3″ to 5″, offering you a natural-looking option for decorating your yard.

This 30-pound bag is easy to tote and store for adding a beautiful and long-lasting accent to your landscape and design. You can use them as a substitute to mulch along walkways and outdoor gardens, in fountains, in interior and exterior planters and in creative interior and exterior design.

The 30-lb outdoor pebble can help to retain moisture in your soil, offering you a pretty way to maintain your yard.



Margo 30 lb Large Flat Caribbean Beach Pebbles, 3″ to 5″:Easy to accentAll natural colorHelps soil retain moisturePrevents erosion0.4 cu. ft. landscaping rocksCoverage area of 1.33 sq. ft.Large hand picked pebbles range in size on the width side: 1″ to 3″ and the length side: 4″ to 6″30 lb bag

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