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Margo 20 lb Black Grade B Pebbles, 1″ to 3″


Give your project just the right look with Black Grade-B Polished Pebbles from Margo. Polishing ensures each stone has a consistent color to provide you with a uniform look. The black pebbles can cover an area of 1 sq ft per bag, and are easy to store and apply wherever you need them.

They can be used in both indoor and exterior designs, like planters and other landscapes. Available in 20 lb bags, the river pebbles are 1″ to 3″ in width apiece and are rated grade B. Exposure to outdoor weather conditions will wear away the polish on the stones and make the color and look become uneven.

Margo Black Grade-B Polished Pebbles are some of the highest-quality stones available, all handpicked from around the world and tumbled, then polished to achieve a smooth, consistent look.



Margo 20 lb Black Grade-B Pebbles, 1″ to 3″:Easy to accentPolished consistent color0.25 cu ft design rocksCoverage area of 1 sq ftHandpicked pebbles range in size from 1″ to 2″ in width and 2″ to 4″ in length20 lb bag of black pebblesGrade-B polished pebblesEasy to store, transport and applyRecommended for indoor landscapesPolish will wear due to exposure in outdoor conditionsUse in exterior landscapes, in planters and in creative interior and exterior design

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