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Star Trek: Enterprise – Season Four (Widescreen)


Studio 1: ParamountVideo Release Date: 2005-11-01Animated: Live-action



“These are the voyages… In the harrowing final season of “”Star Trek: Enterprise,”” timelines collide as Captain Jonathan Archer continues to lead the exploration into the unknown, as well as rally support to form a coalition of planets in an attempt to prevent intergalactic war.

In a season rife with danger and suspense, both Starfleet and the crew of the Enterprise are put to the test as they encounter genetically engineered humans, deal with an alternate “”mirror”” universe, and confront the extremist organization known as Terra Prime – a sinister cartel that’s determined to put an end to humanity’s mission of galactic exploration.

Rising to the challenges facing them, Commander Tucker, Lieutenant Reed, Ensigns Sato and Mayweather, Sub-Commander T’Pol, and Dr. Phlox all come together in support of their Captain in his effort to defend the galaxy.

.. and lay the foundation for the United Federation of Planets. Commentary; Additional Scenes; Featurettes: “”‘Enterprise ‘ Moments: Season Four””, “”‘Enterprise’ Secrets””, “”‘Enterprise’ Goes To The Dogs””, “”Westmore’s Aliens: Creating Dr.

Phloz And Beyond””, “”Inside The Mirror Episodes””, “”Visual Effects Magic””, “”Links To The Legacy””, “”That’s A Wrap!””; “”Enterprise”” Outtakes; Photo Gallery; Easter Eggs. Subtitles: English.”

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